Can Homemakers be Feminists?

Hello, Welcome to my blog yet again. I hope you guys are doing great. I know that the break was too long this time, and I hope you are still interested in reading what I write. This space of online presence is very fragile, people easily lose interest if you stop creating content. But I […]


Hello and welcome to my last but not the least travel blog from Rajasthan. This trip has been nothing short of soul stirring and informative for us. If you haven’t checked out my other blogs from this trip, do check them out now. I will link them at the end of this blog, do hang […]

JAIPUR in two days.

Our tryst with Rajasthan was pending from a very long time. My husband Bedanga has a college friend who hails from Jaisalmer. He is in fact one of his best friend and also played the role of the “man of honour” at our wedding. And since then we are being invited to visit his place […]