An ode to “BOHAG”

Hello again, Welcome to my blog and I hope you are managing to stay cool while the Indian summer gathers more heat. Kolkata’s weather is behaving surprisingly well this year. At least till now it is. But I know that this is going to change soon. As spring announces it’s arrival with bougainvilleas, it’s also […]

The Handloom Saree edit.

Hello people, Welcome back to my blog. Are you still pursuing your new year resolutions? Or are they sitting dormant in your head, to surface again next year? And let me ask you another important question. How many of you have made a new year resolution to lose weight? Many, I guess. All of us, […]

Winter Clothing Edit.

Hola people!! Winter is finally here in India . I hope you guys are making the best out of it. As for me, this is my favourite part of the year. With festive cheer all around and a new year knocking at our door, there is an undeniable good vibe about December. And with that […]